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Rui 4/21/2022 09:32 am 244

Here's mine down below !!

- -> My oc's name is Lilac !

--> Backstory: Lilac's parents were researchers who worked on finding interesting entities in the Backrooms. Her parents thought it would be a bright idea to bring her on her 13th birthday on a tour of the headquarters that holds the very door to the Backrooms..THEY WERE WRONG. Her parents only had one rule that she must follow...DON'T GO TO THE BACKROOMS WITHOUT US KNOWING. Obviously she didn't follow that rule, Lilac was turning 13 so of course she couldn't care less. Lilac ended up walking in..BAM!! The door shuts. She's stuck in there forever. Though Lilac is stuck in there, she has studied many of the rooms of the Backrooms for most of her life so she thinks she knows what she's doing...WRONG. Lilac's gone through many of the dangerous levels and ended up in level 974, Mr. Kitty's house. As a child, she's always dreamed of going to that one level, it was her all time favorite. That's what she's gotten. Though she may be in her most favorite level, she's still trying to continue to keep her parents research going, which that is...To find an EXIT to the Backrooms...

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After that long and tragic story-


-Currently, Lilac has been stuck in the Backrooms for about a year and a half.

-She was born on May 12th, the day the Backrooms was discovered !

-Lilac was able to find to find another survivor in the Backrooms, his name is Luca.

-Lilac almost died since she was on level 3, the "most dangerous level in the backrooms."

-Also, Lilac is always known for carrying at least one Kirby and waddle-Dee plushie, thats why she was teleported to level 974.

-Lilac's personality is shy and quiet at first but when you get to know her, she's all happy and very energetic !

That's all for now, Bye !! beating heart

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May 21, 2022 9:27 pm

ok so i have an oc, RUby who is a girlboss

she/her and shes a lesbian lol

Her mom and dad were rich as hell bc her dad was like a stock invester and owned his own tech corperation. but they were always busy so her parents never like talked to her, and she leagally disowned her parents at the age of 17, she started her own fashon buisness and she gets invited to all the fancy ass runway shows. anway blahb blah blah fast forward shes 24 and meets this hot as milf of a woman, they get married and she was on the cover of hottest man alive, bc fuck everything happy

May 21, 2022 8:39 pm

I have an oc called Carla she's a robot, her age isn't set but it is around the same age as her creator Tyler who is 17. Tyler made Carla as a school project that would potentially give him a chance to go to his dream school so of course he's significantly worked to create Carla. In terms of appearance, Carla wears a mint sweater with a cat on it, a purple skirt, has a black straight bob with bangs, and green eyes. animal03

May 17, 2022 7:42 pm

i have a sonic oc named calypso the goat and her little sister soleil the goat!! soleil+calypso were both farmers before their parents were roboticized so they joined the freedom fighters. calypso had to take on the parenting role so she has to strict towards her sister but doesnt know how - soleil is bffs w/ cream and vanilla helps look after her!

May 17, 2022 7:14 pm

boy oh boy i have a LOT (also tw 4 mentions of s3w3rs/1d3 and d34th)

Q, her backstory is that of a “sad and deep” gacha mini movie that’s not actually sad or deep and is just cringey but ignore that bc I made her in my gacha kid phase so uh yea

Backstory: She lost his parents at a VERY young age. Their dad died in a car accident and her mom commited suicide due to it. After that he just lived on the streets bc they had nowhere else to go. When she was a teenager, he met a lady named Dr. Rue (or Abigail Rue), who is a scientist that does experiments on humans to try and see how far science could go when it comes to evolution. She asked Q if they wanted to volunteer for an experiment for money and a place to stay, and Q agrees. She’s taken to Dr. Rue’s lab and is experimented on for months until he’s barely recognizable. Their skin changes to light purple, they grow wings, her legs change into a snake tail, and he grows 3 sets of horns (I know it’s VERY cringey but again, I made this in my gacha kid phase in 6th grade.) They basically forget everything, which is why her name is Q, before his name was Pacifica but they forgot that. She also literally speak in numbers and symbols (kinda like a typing quirk but he speaks like that in real life.) His only friend at the lab is Rebecca, Dr. Rue’s granddaughter, bc only her and a few other ppl can understand what they’re saying.

Poppy (this is mostly just me rambling on abt the race of aliens I made up)

Backstory: She’s an alien who lives on this planet called Floron 9, which is a planet in a galaxy right by Earth. This race of aliens have a huge random plant on their head that’s literally a part of their skull, like the plant grows AROUND the bone. For her it’s a Amanita Muscaria (or the red and white mushroom you see everywhere.) and her eyes are red w white spots like the mushroom. She has light blue skin and off white hair w a big purple cape and teal robe. Her race is also known 4 wiping out another race of aliens I made up (Gregorians of the planet Gregor 3) due to a war between them and 4 being incredibly aggressive towards humans in the past after humans found their planet and tried to colonize it. She finds this human astronaut, Harrison, on their planet after he flees to it due to the Earth becoming almost a wasteland, with the air being polluted, forests being burnt down and destroyed, and humanity dying at a rapid rate. She takes care of him and welcomes him into their home, which on this planet homes r very large hollowed out mushrooms, and yea basically they become best friends but she does have to keep Harrison a secret from everyone else and hide him in this old shed. (no they don’t date, poppy is aroace)

Lucina and Heta

Lucina and Heta r robots living in this place called the Space Dump, which is this small planet that nobody knows anything abt other than that it’s used as a dump. Heta is kinda based off of the rebooted version of Entrapta from She-Ra, but she’s more of an artist than an inventor. She makes these large sculptures out of garbage and even has a map of the whole galaxy. Lucina was originally a servant bot, but was sent to the Space Dump after getting into an argument w her owner. Her and Heta find a working but abandoned spaceship and go to the Robot Homeworld (I don’t have a name 4 it yet =/) to find a place to work and trespass into the Robot Overlord’s castle (funny thing, the robot overlord, Kimen, isn’t fully a robot. He’s just a cyborg. plus his brother, Light, is a human.) Heta gets captured while looking around and Kimen manipulates her into trusting him and then turns her against Lucina. Then Lucina has to go on this huge adventure to get Heta back and defeat Kimen and I could ramble on abt this 4 hours and talk abt all the characters and storylines but not in this thread lol

May 17, 2022 8:27 am

he is a newer one but xer name is rover!! w02 he/him xe/xer they/them

rover was born with a highly invective parasite that turned his entire head into a very opaque red gas! the parasite is like a negative voice inside his head that is very violent. since it was a parasite and it lashed out whenever anybody tried to examine it they decided not to test on him and it was instead labeled as a disease. the parasite allows him to turn into a gas and travel through solid matter. when he tries to go through or inside of any living thing he possesses them! the living things soul is kept hovering around him.animal05 the possessed person gains the same mouth and eyes as him with red gas from his head leaking out of his ears. rover has difficulty controlling the person and can accidently hurt them by bending limbs in way sthey arent supposed to. the persons soul is the one feeling all of it though and rover isnt effected. he has only had one friend since childhood named katie because she wasnt afraid of him. they are both bffs

his entire arc is about him finding a stable job and what he wants to do in life he also gets used to the parasite and learns to live with it.heart bounce

rover has a head made of a bright candy red gas that none can breathe. ( its too dense for peoples lungs.) he has two big white dots for eyes and a classic jack-o-lantern looking mouth that is also white. he usually wears fancy clothes so people take him seriously. he is 6.3 feet tall and almost everybody he meets is scared of him. hes rlly just a gentle giant though pink mushroom

  • ThatKandiKitty
May 16, 2022 11:47 pm

I have this one oc thats like- my first ever oc her names "toxic wolf" She uses she/her pronouns. She an wolf mixed with an white demon, her goal is to become an red demon. White is the lowest rank of demon, as red was highest.

Toxic wolf was an grey wolf with one eye black, the other white. She had green splat marks on her, or known as toxic, that dont effect her and only used in battle

Acid is also gray, with the same acid, but he cant use it, and he has one drippy black inky eye with the other yellow.

but here is her backstory!!

In the beginning of her life she had her mother, father, and her younger brother, acid. They lived in the middle of the dessert in an large kingdom, (based off the roman empire), And based on the medieval period. her father and mother where king and queen but they here not the best to toxic. All her life she tried to show that so was something to her parents, but they always cared about her little bother more than her. Along as the fact that toxic was mental abused. She had no one. She always felt this emptiness inside of her. She was about 8-9 at that time. as it kept on for many years. When she turned 15 and her brother 13, There parents where stepping down from the throne, due to old age. As the two had to fight to the death, or when the other surrenders. They had one week to Prepare. All toxic was doing was training... And planing for her parents death. As the day came they exited from there area. As the bell rang for the fight to begin. acid manage to break an part of her horn. Toxic full of rage from being forgotten and how she never had an true child hood that was taken from her by him. As she would spray her toxic onto her brothers arm as it fell off and burned. The crowd go wild. As acid surrendered, she became the queen. Pride and power flowed through her. Next week she fulled out her plain. Her parents still got royal treatment as an butler was cooking toxic ordered him to fix an pipe. She came inside the cooking room and sprinkled poison onto there food, as she quickly left. Her parents where feed the food and died. There was an investigation. As toxic wolf blamed it onto the butler. Everyone believe her as he was chopped off. And sooner or later she manipulated her kingdom to follow her every order. Many years pass. She had an mate with an white with with an red cloack, red eyes and large curvy red horns. She about 21-22 with two small pups. as pure evil spreads through all the kingdom and land. She was sitting on her throne as acid entered with someone else named X, They where white with one of there eyes an black x. She asked what where they doing here, as acid tells them that everyone's gonna die if they dont destroy the evil, as acids kingdom and her unite. Many weeks they prepared for the very large battle (like that super-smash bros one) She was crafted a long sword make by the best blacksmiths in the world, with the most strongest metal with simmer black and white jewels. As the day came and every kingdom was there, land, sky, and somehow sea animals where all there. As they destroy the evil toxic gives an large speech about how she was an back ruler, but nothing else about what she did. As she has an new bond with her brother.

Sooo yeah thats all!!, sorry that was an bit long lol, i made here in 2019, as she was my first ever oc, i love her to death so thats why her backstory is longggg

May 16, 2022 8:54 pm

i have this story ive written, its about some guy name ace who is a court jester and is a secret spy from this other kingdom

my other oc is a knight named zion, hes in the same story w/ ace and they have an relationship which in trying to decide if its semi cannon or not

the last part doesnt reallyt explain the story too well since im still wiritng it but like theyre gay people who fell in love rainbowsmile

i alos have this other oc who is a french mine w/ pruple pigtails

May 16, 2022 8:43 pm

one of my fav ocz iz a clown girl named peanut, her body iz made of balloonz and her twintailz are handz.

her and her sisterz, walnut and hazelnut own a friEndlY traveling circus (o:

May 16, 2022 8:31 pm

i have a WHOLE TON but imma list down my current favorite OCs lol

1. Sorrel Spindream - literally created from a fantasy/dnd-themed Bugsnax AU I made. I decided to see if I could do some sort of roleplay of the AU with characters me and my bestie @Junatehrobot on a.i. dungeon and we come to find out that we could only control one character! that character being Sorrel… So of course, having two teenagers controlling over what you say/do is totally fun and totally not stressful on a poor Grumpus like her! Haha… haha… hah…. We really messed things up for her. But besides that, she’s friends with a few canon characters from Bugsnax but she really looks up to Cromdo a lot… But yet we ruined the friendship between the two of them as Cromdo + a few other characters couldn’t stop saying “AAAAA.” Whoops.

2. Brin - BAMBISONA!!! a.k.a. V.S. Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple Edition oc :swaghurry up!! My first one ever made and I absolutely adore them. Their hat has a cute little 2000s internet style cat face on it that can change expression, they’re catgender, neurodivergent, they can use their legs as arms or hands, and they have cat ears + a cat tail!! They are so so swag…

3. HATENA - YET ANOTHER BAMBISONA!!!! Hatena loves going in this subworld where Flipnote Hatena animations lives on in but yet can travel in and out of the 3D World!! She’s really good friends with Brin but doesn’t get along that well with another bambisona of mine, Wambu… oh well!

May 16, 2022 8:34 am

casey (or rust) is a vampire/human in the world of demonia !! he has heavy trauma that I Won't Get Deep Into (Bc Its Similar To Our Trauma Lol) but his mother Was A Bad Person and also a c4nnib4l witch lady. she is d34d now tho (or so Angela, the queen of demonia, assumes, she k1lled her but witches tend to come back....). rust goes by he/vamp/it prnz. the people/citizens of demonia are mean to him (because they think he's ultra creepy!! they yell mean words at him too shock) except Rosie (the princess of demonia), her friends (becauseshe'llk1llthemiftheyremeantohim) and Jake !!! Jake is vamp's crush !!!!!!! but he's like mega popular with the ladies and the men (our bi king). but jake likes rust too kao blush !!also theres maserati and kyle and theyre homophobic and they get their 4sses kicked for good reason