books! (mainly y/a mystery novels!)

CodyMakesKandi 4/21/2022 08:37 am 59

hello! talk about your favorite y/a mystery novels here! im trying to find book recs, as well as other people who like the same kinds of books i do

books ive recently read and recommend (they had me crying but theyre good)

- A good girl's guide to murder

-as good as dead

- That's not what happened

tw for topics in these books, i would recommend looking more into the specifics before buying these books, they all have darker themes to them

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Apr 21, 2022 11:13 am

a good girls guide to murder is one of my favourite books! i have to read the second one

my top book rec is yesterday is history by kosoko jackson. it’s a very well written gay love triangle i- <33

im not much of a love triangle person but this one is so good