problems with motivation

Th3o_th3_K1llj0y 3/13/2022 04:01 pm 295

ok so everytime i sit down to make kandi i get out my beads then feel really unmotivated and have no ideas so i decide to take a long break then the same thing happens again how do i fix this? another thing that happens is i look at things online and im like oh thats cool i should make that and i sit down to do it and i just feel bla.

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Aug 6, 2022 6:15 pm

I make single ones that help me get motiv

Aug 6, 2022 5:18 pm

It happens to me way too often, personally I just wait till I'm more in the mood. Looking through pinterest helps tho (or my phone's gallery bc I save a ton of stuff) w15

Aug 6, 2022 3:28 pm

you could possibly seek inspo on youtube/ pinterest or scroll through the photos on here

Aug 5, 2022 9:31 pm

the first thing i think you should start with when trying to get an idea on what to make is to figure out the basics of what you want it to be. that sounds a bit confusing, but what i mean is try to narrow down if you want to make a single, cuff, charm, bag, clothing/accessory, etc and move from there. if you can’t decide, put all your options in a random picker like a wheel online to decide one for you.

after you figure that out, you can start doing more narrowing depending on what you are going to make. for example, if you are going to make a cuff, you could pick out what kind of cuff you want it to be. it can be something that you have made before, or a pattern that you’ve never tried. i have a personal playlist on youtube with patterns i’d like to try in the future, so i can easily save them for later

once you’ve figured that out, you can start to decide on things like themes and/or colors. some things you can theme kandi after are fictional characters, animals, food, plants, pride flags, music artists, etc! if you just want something with nice colors and can’t decide on any, you can look at color palettes online and find one that you have the beads for. taking out only any possible beads you may want to use while coming up with a design is also helpful, so you won’t get distracted by beads you wouldn’t want to use in the first place

those are the steps i typically go through when brainstorming ideas, but it doesn’t always have to be that formulaic! sometimes just working as you go will leave you with amazing kandi you wouldn’t have thought of creating in the first place, but it can also be demotivating if you get stuck and don’t know where to go from there

another thing you can do that doesn’t require as much planning is just scrolling through recent designs on here, or finding designs on other sites that are free to use/recreate

i hope this helps! kitten

Aug 5, 2022 9:08 pm

i have a few suggestions that may help depending on why you don’t feel motivated

if you’re not satisfied with how your pieces come out, or you are burnt out from kandi making, i’d suggest taking a break & focusing on a different form of art for the time being. you can try things like drawing, embroidery, painting, sculpting, etc

if you are just burnt out in general & don’t feel like creating anything, i’d suggest just taking it slow and starting with small easy things, like simple singles or cuffs

if you feel overwhelmed when you try to start a project, planning out exactly what you want to make and taking out just the beads you need to make it can help make it a bit easier. if you know you’ll need a certain amount of beads in one color, just take that amount out and put away the rest. this can make it less visually overwhelming, as well as letting you see the progress you are making better which can be motivating

hopefully these tips can help you! i can try thinking of some more things to help with motivation if you need, just lmk!! happy i’m going to make a separate comment about getting ideas for what to make as well

Aug 5, 2022 7:18 pm

idk it happens to me to but I jus look at Pinterest kao happy