lil rant abt the cookie run fandom /nm (not abt anybody specific, just the fandom in general)

theamazingkarnak 3/2/2022 12:44 pm 175

disclaimer: I’m rlly not trying to start any fights, I just want to talk abt smth I’m upset with in the cr fandom. If u disagree w my opinion, feel free to say so, I’ll respect it. And none of this stuff happens on here, I just wanna point out that this stuff has been happening a lot since kingdom came out on some platforms (doesn’t mean that everyone in the cr fandom is toxic, it’s just a small but VERY loud part of the fandom.) And if anybody wants me to delete this thread, I’ll gladly do it

So basically my rant is abt how nobody knows what cookie run: ovenbreak is. Or basically any other cr game other than kingdom. Since kingdom came out, the fandom has gotten so much more toxic and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even like cookie run anymore. It’s not bc of the game itself, in fact I think kingdom is even better than ovenbreak (I can’t play it bc my devplay acc won’t work), but kingdom brought in a ton of toxic ppl from other fandoms. Ppl who play ovenbreak can’t even say they play it or mention any characters who r only in ovenbreak online anymore w/o kingdom only players trying to get them to play kingdom, then getting mad at them for not wanting to play it, plus when someone mentions a character in ovenbreak only ppl think that it either doesn’t exist or is an OC (none of this is on here tho, I’ve mostly seen it on tiktok and youtube.) Also, I’m not saying that the CR fandom was amazing before kingdom, it still had a lot of problems, but new toxic CR fans just amplified them.

TDLR: The CR fandom has gotten rlly toxic since kingdom came out and it just sucks.

Again, I don’t mean to start any fights, you can share ur opinion on the fandom and I won’t get mad, I just wanted to rant abt this. Also, I’m not talking abt all kingdom only players, a lot of them r actually rlly nice and I love those fans, it’s just a small portion of them that r toxic and those ones r incredibly loud abt it.

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