How do you make a diagonal strand thats the same width?

Deleted Account 2/16/2013 04:46 pm 739

I'm making a bane-inspired kandi mask for my boyfriend and I want a strap to extend from the sides of the mask that remain the same width but taper upward. I know how to taper down but when I taper out there is no string to keep the beads in the proper place. Are there any other stitching styles or hints you all can give me to get this look? Thank you!!

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  • X_OhMyGlob_X
Feb 17, 2013 8:19 pm
Make the main part of your mask first then once you've done tie it off and cut off the excess string.By the looks of it I'd say its not sitting up by itself its how it will sit when its being worn so maybe try peyote? then attach it and see how it looks. This is only a guess but i hope it helps happy P.L.U.R