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WildFire 1/25/2013 04:56 pm 989

i just got some perler beads :3 pretty excited haha. But its so time consuming. its faster than normal beads but it takes so much longer than what the directions say. It says to go to medium heat on the iron and to press down lightly for 20-30 seconds in acircular motion. i had to force it down and do it for 30 minutes. my iron has a dial that says OFF, MIN, Synthetics, and cottons i think. which one is medium x.x also how do you connect beds to something else or top/top

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Jan 26, 2013 6:25 am
Most of the time I iron my perlers for 1 minute (sometimes longer), in intervals of 30 seconds, but I don't leave the holes in the beads like the instructions say. I like when the beads are fully melted, but you can do it however you like. If the settings of your iron are in the order that you typed them, then synthetics is medium (or whatever is between minimum and high). You can iron perlers on high, just make sure you're watching them because they can get over melted and stick to the pegboard. If you need help connecting things (like the little circles used to make can holders), you can go on and try to find a tutorial there, but YouTube would probably be better. big grin