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hi guys!!! my name is sleepy/popee and i'm just getting into kandi

Wednesday Oct 20, 2021, 5:36 AM




Last online: 12-13-2021 6:07pm
  • Gender: Tumtum (They/Xem)
  • Mississippi, US
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hi!!! my discord is killmeknow#6969, and my insta is snappy_yet_sinister_name

if u add me, pls slide up and talk to me!

i'm 17 :3

i love to talk kins! add me if you kin anyone i kin or are just part of the same fandoms:

souichi (junji ito), the warden (superjail!), zim (invader zim), popee (popee the performer), crona (soul eater), zenitsu (demon slayer)

my special interest is popee the performer! i also LOVE invader zim alongside it


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