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penut butter but chunky

Friday Dec 3, 2021, 7:24 AM




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i'm zodiacsaturnzz i just changed my user lmao

hi we're the party system (the body is a minor btw), our collective name is Ghost, and our collective pronouns are he/it. uh yeah our members are

  • Ghost/Henry/Vincent/Tommy/Glitchtrap/Sollux (but i mostly just use ghost, henry, and vincent)-he/it/sour/arcade/candy/gummy/blood/pixel/soda/neon/game/color/crayon/doodle/fnaf/rainbow/glamrock/party /confetti/hyper/sugar/energy (host)
  • Michael- he/security (introject, co-host, caretaker)
  • CC/Crying Child- he/twi(twi/twilight)/sparkle (introject, little/child)
  • Sun/Sundrop- she/he/co(co/color)/toy/crayon (introject)
  • Foxy- He/Him (introject)
  • Veronica- She/Her (???)
  • Vanessa/Vanny - She/They/Bun (introject)
  • Glam/Chica- He/They (introject)
  • Apollo/Danny- He/She (???)
  • Johnny- He/Him (introject)
  • Bonnie- He/Bowl(bowl/bowling) (introject)

ghost has so many pronouns that it literally clips off the webpage lmaooo

also the carrd linked is ghost's personal carrd, but it does have our dni list on it incase you wanna see that

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