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penut butter but chunky

Friday Dec 3, 2021, 7:24 AM




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Your name is GHOST. Most people think you're playing some ELABORATE JOKE when you tell them that's your name, but you're actually being COMPLETELY SERIOUS. You're the host of a SYSTEM. You have a variety of INTERESTS. Which include some of the CRINGEIEST THINGS ANYONE'S EVER HEARD OF. Or at least that's what your FRIENDS tell you. One of your FAVOURITE things right now is LUDICROUSLY LONG WEBCOMICS that you'll probably never finish reading. You also quite enjoy EXTREMELY DUMB books. You enjoy DRAWING, which you happen to be VERY GOOD AT in your opinion. You also like to WRITE FAN-FICTION though you aren't very good at it. You're a PAGE OF SPACE, a title you spent way to long on ONLINE QUIZZES to get. You participate in the ALTERNATIVE SUBCULTURE known as EMO and have an interest in SCENE but can't find the time to finally listen to ACTUAL SCENE MUSIC.

What will you do?

(There's more about me on my carrd :3 )

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Angel Necklace
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Matching Crybaby Singles
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Homestuck Pail Necklace
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Ramona Flowers WIP
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Living My Entire Truth Rn /j
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Todays Fit
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My Stupid Youtooz Rammie Finally Came
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I Made This Hello Kitty Bracelett
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I Beaded My Boots' Shoelaces Last ***ht And I Think It Looks Really Cooll
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I Finished My First Cuff!
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