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monster energy iz so gender.

Sunday Oct 31, 2021, 9:19 AM




Last online: 10-25-2021 5:40am
  • Gender: demi-boy :D (he/him they/them it/its )
  • Im In My , Mums Car, Vroom Vroom
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welcome! this is a safe place :D! i use many names but you can call me kazz or claude!

other namez: echo,,pixil,ardi,atlas,fay,ray,xeno,claude.

i am a demi-boy and i use neopronounz.

some prononuns i use: he/him/his/himself - they/them/theirs/theirself - xe/xem/xeirs/xemself

i do not support: racistz, homophobez, trumpies, toxic people and people who push their sexuality against people (if you are any of these leave my profile)

ive been making kandi for two years :D

i love kawaii stuffies and clothing! I dress decora/scene!

i am bisexual and i have a preference for males and people who identify as nonbinary

308 profile views yay !

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