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hyperfixations: megadeth, thrash metal, metallica, sadus

Wednesday Jan 19, 2022, 10:35 PM




Last online: 1-13-2022 8:06pm
  • Gender: pupgender + over 20 xenogenders (pup/bun/nyan/star/sun/awoo/woof/mew/froyo/kit)
  • Battery, Metallica
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hiya! i'm jase / jason / q / rainbow !! (yes, i stole my names from the guys in metallica)

neopronouns only for me /srs. pup / rainbow* / teddy bear* / strawberry* / cherry* / lemon* / nyan / star* / ice* / awoo / woof / mew !!! (* = emoji or word pronouns)

i love classic rock (especially hair & glam metal) and i'm starting to get into 80s thrash metal !!! my favorite bands/artists are metallica, megadeth, anthrax*, slayer*, sodom*, newsted, asia, the struts, ritchie valens, buddy holly, the big bopper, guns n roses, mötley crüe, ramones & all solo work, black sabbath / ozzy osbourne, van halen*, alice cooper*, queen, sex pistols, the cure*, joan jett, taylor swift, KISS, acdc, david bowie, adler's appetite, def leppard, whitesnake*, misfits, and much more ^__^ !!! (* = new/-ish)

i'm also new to 80s thrash metal. so far, i'm falling in love with exodus, slayer, metallica, megadeth*, anthrax, overkill, testament, whiplash, sepultura, sadus*, and other thrash bands. i'm still brand new so i only know one or two songs of these bands, so please be patient! (* = i've listened to at least one album, so they're still fairly new)

joined: 29 sept 2021 wednesday

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