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"im feeling so tired, really falling apart"

Thursday Jan 27, 2022, 1:58 PM




Last online: 1-03-2022 9:31am
  • Gender: non-binary!! (them/them!!)
  • White, Space
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hello lol :) my name angie or cloud, doesn't matter! please know im a minor so dont be weird lol

pronouns: them/ they lol

stuff i love and like:

  • happy tree friends ( seriously i love it sm)
  • bfb and bfdi
  • omori
  • parappa the rapper
  • SpongeBob
  • making fiends
  • south park
  • spooky month
  • gravity falls
  • Garfield

dni list:

  • dream smp fans


  • flaky and russell and nutty (happy tree friends)
  • aubrey (omori)
  • 4 and x (bfb)
  • charlotte and marion (making fiends)
  • mabel (gravity falls)
  • wendy (south park)

hope we can be friends!!

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