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Wednesday Sep 29, 2021, 7:58 AM




Last online: 11-09-2021 11:51pm
  • Gender: Boyflux (He/They/It)
  • Germany
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Hi I'm Ezra!

I'm probably online everday :D

I'm currently trying to learn the lyrics to every single lemon demon song because that's one of the only things I can do without getting bored of it instantly

I use he/they/it pronouns but I'm also fine with any neopronouns XD

I like danganronpa, jjba, sk8 the infinity, hxh, haikyuu, saiki k, pokemon, devilman crybaby, aot, kakegurui, bnha, lemon demon, mcr, msi, whokilledxix, poppy, vocaloid, tj_beastboy, kurtis conner, danny gonzalez, etc.

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