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Deltarune Brainrot !!!!

Sunday Sep 26, 2021, 12:08 AM




Last online: 9-27-2021 5:08pm
  • Gender: Nonbinary transmasc lesbian (he/they/pi/bun/it/star/zap/cub)
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You can use any of my listed pronouns, and it doesn't have to be all of them! I also go by any of the names listed like different nicknames, so use whatever you want!

Here are some things I like! I'll update it when I think of more stuff :D

Games: Pokémon, Rhythm Heaven, Harmoknight, Undertale/Deltarune, Bugsnax, Webbed, Terraria, Minecraft, My Singing Monsters, Splatoon

Media: The Owl House, Lemon Demon, Cucumber Quest, Amphibia, Soul Eater,

Misc.: Bunnies, monkeys, bears, scorbunny, dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils, the archaeopteryx, the color green, pixel art

CURRENTLY ENJOYING: Undertale! (I'm replaying it)

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