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currently evaporating =/

Sunday Nov 28, 2021, 5:04 PM




Last online: 1-04-2022 6:14am
  • Gender: xenogender (he/it/ze/Faygo/sparkle/rawr/pony/scream/moth)
  • Grrrr, Bark, Bark
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hey besties =o}


i like clownz and homestuck n stuff lol

guys help im stuck in 2013

i kin pronouns

i'm fruity >=o}

i am a minor so no icky things on here

also i'm a system =o0

i like homestuck, creepypasta, mlp,

idk what my b1ood color would be lol . i'm knight of void

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I Made My First Octopus (like A Baddie)????
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