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i cant explain how much i love robbie (cavetown) -tea

Monday Nov 29, 2021, 9:46 AM





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heyyyyy im tea!


some of my hobbies or interests are

reading, anime and manga, writing, listening to music, true crime, psychology, horror, drawing, and gaming, reasearching, among other things


some of my favourite bands are

pierce the veil, mcr, get scared, mother mother, idkhow, cavetown, set it off, miyuu, bo en, sleeping with sirens, etc.

--stuff i like--

sf, bnha, hxh, mc, jacksepticeye, deh, bmc, unus annus, hazbin hotel, ena


also we're a system and we will probably do initials to let you know who is fronting

(bruh nobody fronts where they go)

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