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why does time move so quickly SLOW DOWN

Wednesday Nov 30, 2022, 2:47 PM




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hey!! :D


  • i am a minor
  • i have been making kandi since around april-may 2021
  • i am in constant need for new ideas so if you have any please lmk!
  • i am kinda picky with who i friend so if i deny your request please don't be mad/upset! :]
  • i post animatics on youtube so feel free to check them out (link in profile)


  • people -12 and 18+
  • basic dni criteria (

some of my interests include:

  • utdr (undertale + deltarune)
  • the owl house
  • amphibia
  • adventure time
  • art
  • pokemon
  • vocaloid
  • omori
  • dead end: paranormal park
  • ok ko
  • some animes
  • bee and puppycat


rad and raymond from ok ko <33

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