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this feels like one of those days where your sitting in the car and you go to take your meds but then you drop them into a place that you will never get them out of..... an "i dropped my adderall into the seat belt buckle" day if you will

Tuesday Dec 7, 2021, 9:25 AM




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i got a new collar :D ^^ *happy asher noises*

-I Was Trying To Be Funny But It Came Out As Really Mean: a 5 part documentary starring me

-I Was Trying To Be Loving And Supportive But I Probably Overstepped My Boundaries And Came Off As Really Creepy: a feature length film with 2 sequels and a tv series adaptation

-I Was Trying To Tell You I Relate To Your Difficult Situation But It Probably Sounded Like I Was Making It All About Me: a novel saga with several side book adaptations and a movie

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