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im changing my pfp to a gay rat. why? because its fukin adorable and a trash animal and i love trash animals with all of my being and if you dont im stealing your microwave

Friday May 20, 2022, 9:22 AM




Last online: 5-02-2022 7:34am

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favorite band is Three Days Grace (followed closely by mcr and linkin park)

i literally view my life and many of the things in it as a game its a coping mechinism

ive been dancing at my funeral / waiting for you to arrive / i was hoping youd look beautiful / dancing with tears in your eyes / but nobody came, what a shame, shame, shame


i have a structured settlement but i need trash now. CALL J.G. WENTWORTH. 877-TRASH-NOW

ngl i feel like a burnt out 47 year old who is about to quit his job, buy a camaro, and acquire tons of credit card debt. (and im 15 so like- wooo-)

dni: if youre just gonna nonstop rant about deku. its fine if you like him or you have headmates based on him or anything like that but due to several complicated events he makes me deeply hate myself more so plz dont come here to just rant about how much you love him. im not your guy for that

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