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Mayonays on an escalator, goin upstairs so see you later

Thursday Dec 16, 2021, 10:30 AM




Last online: 3-29-2022 5:25pm
  • Gender: Ima victim of gender identity theft (They/Them)
  • Ur Moms Bed, Ur Moms House, Ur Moms Room
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Hayo! Im Julius, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm 13 I am in fact a the tired middle school kid who should probably study but wont. I play Barri Sax for the band and will talk to just about anybody who will listen about my random obsessions, which include.... MHA, AOT, kandi, and video game lore. From what one of my friends say, im undiagnosed nerodivergent of some flavor.

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X Base But Tall
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Toga Mask, This Is The Last One I Swear
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Himiko Toga Mask
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The Toga Mask Again
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Himiko Toga Mask On My Bed
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X Based Cuff
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Little Frog
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