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❝ℓℓ 1'M N0T F33L1NG V3RY G00D χχ❞

Monday Dec 20, 2021, 10:50 AM




Last online: 5-11-2022 4:19am
  • Gender: Threat to Society (Aux/Mox/It/Taunt/They/Glitch/Crow/Ghost)
  • Sinners Island, 9th Circle, Hell
  • https://pronouny.xyz/u/avexsoot
  • Profile Views: 1,360

AvexSoot's Friends

(PFP made by me)(Feel free to message at all <3)

Lemon, Berry, Arson, Axton or Elliot please

Fun fact;My system (Corn System) was named by my friend Ari

The IRLs of; Blitz, Purpled, Moxxie, Sha, ENA, Cartman/Kenny and Many/Yellow Guy /SRS [Helluva Boss, DSMP, ENA, South Park, DHMIS and Walten Files]

Im into Dreamcore Weirdcore and Cottagecore

DID System;Corn System (11 headmates)

Im Bi Polyam and Demisexual and Im on the Asexual spectrum

Check out the links/website pls <3

Bru please I jus want a lover it literally does not matter the gender pronouns or sexuality jus- g i m m e g i m m e

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