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ami gay

Monday Dec 13, 2021, 9:45 AM




Last online: 12-23-2021 7:42pm
  • Gender: bitchboy (he/him bat/bats)
  • Not Giving Out, My Location, AMONG US
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my name is parker/jet/riot

my pronouns are he/him bat/bats

i am the homie whos dissing your girl

i am autisticand schizophrenic/schizoaffective

dream smp stannies, do not interact with me ever.

I like a lot of music! my fav bands atm are my chemical romance, dazey and the scouts, current joys. the front bottoms, slipknot, korn etc

my hyperfixations at the moment include: my chemical romance, coins, snakes and south park here are my kins lol (safe link!!)

if you use my perler bead sprite patterns, lmk! id love to see what you make with them!

have a fabulous day!

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