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I've quit posting, will respond to dms and such but its for the best, stay safe guys

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022, 10:39 AM




Last online: 6-21-2022 11:34am
  • Gender: Wohabiuev8wb (Xe/he)
  • Roanoke Island/Manteo (near Raleigh), North Carolina, USA *^*
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YOOO IM ASH/MINUS/Ghost (i go by any of those), xe/he


13/in middle school (IM A MINOR!!)

Demi-boy, gay, and polyamorous<3

Frank my beloved<333

fav songs- painforever-

very dumb, awkward, and clumsy but still super swag

Proud parent of Bugz_does_kandi's child

DNI IF- you sexualize minors, ex: Deku, Bakugo, Toga, etc., or ship minors w adults/ toxic shippers in general from any fandom, own sexual figurines, part of the Dsmp fandom (because the people in the SMP and who support them are toxic asf), or argue about Bakudeku/ any homosexual relationship in any fandom bc its just stupid, are transphobic/homophobic/ableist/racist/discriminate against anyone in those forms, or support Yagami Yato, thinking you can date someone and your poly and date someone else at the same time w/ out their consent to the poly relationship

Don't worry about TW's if you're dming me :>

Discord: L0nely gh0st#6955

Kinnies: Rika Takahashi, Yamaguchi, Steven universe, pearl (Steven universe), finn (adventure time), tamaki amajiki (mha), killua zoldyk (hxh) peridot(Steven universe)

Taking a break, I promise I'm still alive

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