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hii im salem im honduran but i love chicano culture :)) i also like fashion, garfield, painting, and macrame.

i use to make kandi but i got bullied for it so ive stopped but ill post my old creations ( i havent posted anything yet lmao)

i joined this site in JUly 2021 when i was a scene kid (thats why my user is bloodpop)

my favorite artists/bands are brownside, ms krazie, doll e girl, westside cartel, the simps, tv girl, bad bunny, and ozuna

i dont support lgbt cuz of my religion but i respect everyone and their own beliefs :))


bye bye!! ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Mushroom Basket
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Duck Necklace :]
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Duck Necklace
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