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im so gay

Thursday Aug 3, 2023, 6:39 PM




Last online: 4-15-2024 8:13am
  • Gender: robotgender v1charic dogboyflux (he/it/bot/bots)
  • City 17, Pensylvania, USA
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hiiii im tom/crowley/gordon/v1

im autistic w adhd

list of interests, bold are hyperfixations :3

  • inscryption
  • hades
  • tf2
  • csm
  • castle crashers
  • I/ATSV
  • FNF
  • FNAF
  • RTVS
  • BrBa/BCS
  • Sonic
  • Batman
  • ultrakill
  • madness combat
  • hlvrai
  • freemans mind
  • half life

and a few others :3

errmmm if u want to be my friend follow me on tumblr or shoot me a dm

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