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gay gay homosexual man !!!

Monday Oct 25, 2021, 12:03 AM




Last online: 10-24-2021 11:53pm
  • Gender: honestly idk anymore,but it leans on genderfaun :') (it/he/they/xe/rot/x)
  • Salem, Oregon
  • http://h3nr7.carrd.co
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heyyyy call me tommy,dexx,charlie,or henry

i am polyamorous,taken x1 <3

i am a minor !!

my current hyperfixations/interests : anythin mc/mcyt related, astronomy , good omens , the mcu , the shadowhunter novels :0

a few kins ahdjanj : michael mell , peter parker , tony stark, loki laufeyson , aziraphale , henry branwell , christopher lightwood, magnus bane.the Doctor (1o+11) , raine whispers

feel free to message me :] (preferably on instagram- st4r__boy_ ) !!

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