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hi cool cats B] oops i didnt update my status for a while

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022, 5:50 AM




Last online: 6-21-2022 1:29pm
  • Gender: non-binary (any pronouns)
  • England
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i really like undertale+deltarune, ddlc, madoka magica, minecraft, ghost eyes, vocaloid+project diva, lavendertowne, kandi (duh),

but i also like fnaf, night in the woods, sally face and a bunch of other stuff but i dont interact w the fandom 2 much >B3c

also lesbian + minor \(>0<)/

id love to be moots but im afraid to start the convo oops

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I Customized My 3ds!!!
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Woooo Star Cuffs
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Y***ified Bonnie Plush B3
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I Made A Bag!!!
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