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idk what im doing, but im doing it wrong - timeclova

Thursday Sep 30, 2021, 4:31 AM




Last online: 3-09-2022 1:21am
  • Gender: Demigirl (She/They/Xe/Ci/He/It (Xe/Xem like Zaye/Zem))
  • Australia
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i just make the funny bead things, thats about it :)

She/They/Xe/Ci/He/It (Xe/Xem like Zaye/Zem and how to use Ci/Cir is on my pronouns page)

Etsy coming soon!

!! MINOR !!


  • mcyt (dsmp and hermitcraft but im not very up to date with the hermitcraft lore )
  • popee the performer
  • fnaf
  • cosplaying
  • lemon demon
  • will wood
  • deltarune
  • and kandi ofc!

Kin List

  • Ghostbur (dsmp)
  • Ranboo (dsmp)
  • Tubbo (dsmp)
  • Kedamono (ptp)
  • Peridot (su)
  • Kris (deltarune)

im not a streamer, but my friend is! come support him at! im usually in chat when hes live bc i mod :) (my name is the same there as here)

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