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among us balls

Saturday Jul 31, 2021, 5:45 PM




Last online: 11-08-2021 6:16pm
  • Gender: nonbinary/pangender (he/she)
  • Lithuania =D
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  • hello!! my name is lance (she/he)
  • im nonbinary (pangender), and queer unlabeled/sapphic!!
  • im from europe lithuania
  • im a minor
  • my current fandoms are voltron, invincible and mha, but im also interested in the witcher (books/show) =DD
  • ive been making kandi for a few months, but i mostly worked on simple bracelets as i dont have a LOT of kandi (its hard to get them in lithuania, they cost a lot + most kandi sites only ship in america =/ so) BUT im planing to work on bigger projects!!
  • PLEASE add me as friends (if you want ofc)!!! as i said im a bit new here, so i NEED mutuals :X
  • i plan on posting patterns and kandi that i made :]]
  • add me on tt and tumblr too♡♡ @'s are lanceinurmomspants xx
  • also my instagram is sticky_lance_745 its private, but just follow me and ill follow you back/accept ur follow request!!☆

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Apple**** Perler Necklace!!
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Trolls Barb UFO Cuff!! =DD
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My First Bigger Piece!!
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