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  • Gender: silly feller!! just a lil funny jokester buffoon ridiculous man! (he/it/mew/cute/honk/other neos)
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Hai im dallas but you can call me dally if you want uwu!! Im 14 and a half as of Nov. 4th but im an age regressor and my little age is from 2-5!! Please note that when im not regressed i get like. really uncomfortable regarding my real age so if ppl could see me as someone who's "older" (THIS DOESNT MEAN YOURE ALLOWED TO BE GROSS TOWARDS ME) that would be appreciated thanx :D also please note i have a wee bit of a typing quirk (such as using tha instead of the, purposely making spelling errors, overly using commas and periods and putting words/phrases in all caps n stuff for emphasis) if you are uncomfy with that please lmk so i can at least attempt to control it when we talk!! my interests as of now are rick and morty, solar opposites, papa louie games, pusheen the cat, jojo siwa, kidz bop, failarmy, krazyrabb1t, google doodles, plushies (especially squishmallows and pusheens), and making kandi!! I've been making kandi since April 2021 :3

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Kandi Fit :3
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Green Ufo Cuff :3
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