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idk why my pfp is in 144p lmao anyway

haii, i'm june! >_< im a lesbian n minor, they/she (somewhat active here, schools a pain so lol)

i love bnha!, jjba!, ace attorney!, genshin! (if u like any of those pls interact lmao /nf), omori, cats, kandi ofc, tbhk, vocaloid, fnaf, undertale, deltarune, night in the woods, hxh, httyd, gravity falls, worlds end club, cosplay, ena, kny, pokemon, and a lot of other stuff!! i've been making kandi for a year n a month or two now, i have 2 bigg buckets full of it + a ton more sitting around on my desk :3 i make literally anything but i especially like to make charms, mushrooms, carousel cuffs and masks! i h8 talking to ppl irl but i love making online friends lol!! messages always open but if you message me i might take a while to respond bc,, overthinking lolz' also feel free to friend me if we have similar interests or just bc, i accept em all ! i have a visual impairment + diplopia so translations for (complex) typing quirks are appreciated thxx!! ^ω^

dni: ableists, homophobes, etc. cringe culture supporters, if you spread negativity on a site abt plur ^__^

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