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Tuesday Oct 19, 2021, 4:51 PM




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  • Gender: Nonbinary ((They, en, nor, cloud))
  • On A Fluffy Cloud Usually But On Saturdays I’m On The Moon
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Hiii I’m crayon!! your probably not local nonbinary clown! I’m omni :) I have been making kandi for a bit and I love It!!!


I love music so here are some of the artists/ bands I listen to!

Mike krol , punkinloveee, luvwillow, ayesha erotica, lemon demon, pisse, the oozes, Penelope Scott, machine girl, sewersvlt, crystal castles, pinkshift


Here are some of my other interests/shows I like!!!!!

kandi ofc, Ena, mushrooms, drawing, she-ra, Steven universe, we bare bears, regular show, and adventure time!

If you read this then ur super cool!!!!!!have a great day!!!!!!!! :)

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