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hiiii!!! I like the scene aesthetic and Kandi is just so. Crumchy LMAO

I’m in a lot of fandoms lo

I’ll probably make patterns off of my interests lol. If you wanna chat, I’m usually most aware of people saying hi on PicsArt! My username there is: -themultifandomloser

OTHER facts? I’m a minor, and I am, unfortunately, American (That’s a joke-). I have autism, ADD and anxiety- so haha I’m a triple A battery :,]. I really don’t tend to talk abt it much cause it seems kinda like I’m faking when I just. Like it all on lmao. I also don’t generally put TWs on things like caps etc. I will put TWs for edgy stuff, but like yeah. Tone tags are sometimes appreciated, you don’t need to use them excessively just for me (if you always use them that’s fine! Do what ur comfy with.) but I may ask if you’re joking or being sarcastic LOL. I tend to use “ur” and other text abbreviations. Here’s a short guide for the abbreviations that might be confusing;

w: with (ex; I’m gonna make Kandi w my friends)

n/nd: and (ex; I’m gonna eat some cake nd watch tawog, n then draw a bit)

That’s all, thank you!! Also I’m open to making new friends so if you wanna chat just go ahead!

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TAWOG Rob Perler :)
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Kandi Goggles :)))
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The Brother FNaF 4 Kandi Necklace :)
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Maneki Neko Kandi Single!
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Steve And Captain Flat Charms!
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Mangle Perler!
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Perler Bead Luca!
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Finished Captain Charm :)
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3D Dave And Jack Perlers :]
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A Grunt!!
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