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Hi! I’ve only been making Kandi for a few months, so I’m pretty new. But the aesthetic and everything is really nice!

I’m in a lot of fandoms, my most prominent ones right now are: Madness Combat, Tankmen ( if madness combat and this count as fandoms), does the new Luca movie have a fandom? If yes, I’m in it., FnF (Friday night Funkin’), and FNAF.

There are more fandoms, but that’s it for now.

I’ll probably make patterns off of my interests lol. If you wanna chat, I’m usually most aware of people saying hi on PicsArt! My username there is: -themultifandomloser

OTHER facts? I’m a minor, and I am, unfortunately, American (That’s a joke-). I have autism (high functioning), ADD and anxiety- so haha I’m a triple A battery :,]. Also I’m open to making new friends so if you wanna chat just go ahead!

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