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i had to pack all my kandi stuff because i’m moving so i can’t make kandi for two weeks :(

Saturday Nov 27, 2021, 9:44 AM




Last online: 11-22-2021 5:24pm
  • Gender: OSgender/Transmasc?? (it/its he/him)
  • ABQ, New Mexico
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hello! my name is Synth! (Window, Reload, or XP is fine too!)

some things have come up so i won't be online as much as usual :(

i’m polysexual, demisexual, and OSgender. I’m also a Capricorn

13 y/o pls don’t be weird

tone tags are appreciated but not required

interests: cosplay, kandi, anime, Windows, danganronpa, yttd, cuphead, ace attorney, persona 5, ENA, cookie run kingdom, volleyball, dream smp (please don't tell me that i shouldn't support the cc's)

music taste: Lemon Demon, Mother Mother, japanese 80's city pop, Jack Stauber, ICP, Gorillaz, Lovejoy

fav shows: Squid Game, MHA, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, Komi Can't Communicate

discord: temptation_stairway #5134 (not super active)

(if you say you wanna be friends pls kinda specify what you mean bc i get confused with what people mean by that online)

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3d? Cuff
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Cool Flower Thing
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Pretty Stars Cuff!!
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