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daron malakian my beloved

Monday Aug 22, 2022, 7:51 PM




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hiii!! im till/zero!! welcome to the account i never use XD

im obsessed with music- i also love to draw and write and play guitar :) i really like mcr, paramore (my beloved <3), system of a down, slipknot, fall out boy, pierce the veil, su!c!de silence, killswitch engage, escape the fate, the smashing pumpkins, real friends, bullet for my valentine, gojira, korn, cavetown, chelsea grin, meshuggah, breathe carolina, etc etc

my ao3 is some1_kill_till like it is here!!! im gonna be more active on it soon too :3 im hoping to do weekly updates!! (id say its 13+ btw lol ive written smut on there b4 XD)

i used to be zipzapzero btw but i started going by till more soooo yea

bye!! <3

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Tomato Charm As Requested By My Brother XD
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My Child Is Now A Keychain!!!!!
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First 3d Cuff!!!!!!!
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Current Cuff Collection!!
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Pumpkin Single!! :D
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