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is there such a thing as being a boy but only in the most chaotic ways possible if that makes any sense?? bc like thats me

Friday Apr 15, 2022, 12:07 AM




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hiii!! im zero!!

im obsessed with slipknot lol- i also love to draw and write and play guitar :) i really like slipknot, paramore (my beloved <3), fall out boy, pierce the veil, killswitch engage, the smashing pumpkins, bullet for my valentine, gojira, foo fighters, slaughter to prevail, my chemical romance, stone sour, korn, cavetown, soundgarden, chelsea grin, icon for hire, meshuggah, breathe carolina, linkin park, murderdolls, a day to remember, jordan sweeto, rise against, breaking benjamin, etc etc xD

i also have a youtube channel under the same username as here! (zipzapzero) so u can check that out if u wanna lol (im very inactive recently on it but yknow whatever)

also my tiktok account is zipzapzero as well lmao- my face is there if youre interested i guess :P also my outfits are cool and im awesome and funny and sexy etc /s

bye!! <3

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Tomato Charm As Requested By My Brother XD
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My Child Is Now A Keychain!!!!!
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First 3d Cuff!!!!!!!
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Current Cuff Collection!!
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Pumpkin Single!! :D
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