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I'm living off pixie sticks and a monster

Saturday Jul 24, 2021, 4:09 AM




Last online: 12-15-2021 1:58pm
  • Gender: Trans (ftm) (he/they/it/glitch/rat)
  • Behind An Arbys, In A Trashcan, Fighting A Rat Over Some Fries
  • Profile Views: 1,069

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H3ll0 1m 3ch0! 1m 14 @nd 1m @ n3w t0 k@nd1


-tr@n$ (ftm)


-f@v0r1t3 @rt1$t$: l3m0n d3m0n, w1lbur s00t

$tuff 1m hyp3rf1x1at3d 0n: fnf, fn@f, d$mp, tru3 cr1m3, th3 w@lt3n f1l3$

@g3 r3gr3$$0r! (@g3$ 3-6)

n3od!v3rg3nt (@dhd)

pl3@$3 u$3 t0n3 t@g$!!!

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

(hello im echo! im 14 and im new to kandi)


(trans ftm)


(favorite artists: lemon demon, wilbur soot)

(stuff im hyperfixiated on: fnf, fnaf, dsmp, true crime, the walten files)

(age regressor! ages 3-6)

(neodivergent (adhd) )

(please use tone tags)

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