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welcome to my pagez >:3

Sunday Jun 20, 2021, 3:15 PM




Last online: 10-11-2022 3:17pm

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RAWRX3 (。oᆺ˂。)〜☆


hai evry1 here !!

mah name is kippy !1!!1 buts can also call me kip for short ^__^ 16 yrs old

m a pansexual n genderqueer emo puppy!! pronouns r he/it, pup/pups (is also pupgender)

  • TW// pls b patient w me, i get rlly overwhelmed/sensitive/overstimulated n can get easily triggered due 2 severe trauma, mental health issues (illnesses), n other rlly personal things in ma life ;^; i cope by age/pet regressing, dark humor, n art!

luvs nu-metal (korn, SOAD, etc), plushies, analog horror, undertale, yume nikki, cats, fuzzy socks, oversized sweaters, etc etc

dm for discord or insta if you wanna be friends!


pfp by @/toysize on insta !


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