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Bring the case of the big gay home and forgetting people like men!

Wednesday Jul 7, 2021, 11:45 AM




Last online: 7-16-2021 6:36pm
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Pastel Goth Artist with a scene kid bestie that drags her into Kandi! (Yes, it's you Pansexual)

Goth clothes obsession, raid hot topics! I cosplay a bit on the side, decently sews, cranberry juice overdose!

I kin Sayori from ddlc, Loona from helluva boss and love bunny themed items! Don't be afraid to send bunny patterns~!

If you wanna become really good friends my discord number is !~BonBonGutz~!#6492, I will accept any friend requests if sent on this website~!

Dislikes Peppers, Asparagus and Dustin's Haircut, Loves Melanie Martinez's Music, feel free to fangirl about her to me!

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!~Kandi Flower Chockerz~!
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