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hii!! i'm riv/ezra/mochi :))

things i like!! -- kandi -- perler beads -- sketching -- painting (acrylics) -- music (playing and listening -- arctic monkeys is my current fav) -- pinterest -- animal crossing -- anime!! (can't believe i didn't think to put this before)

things i (highly!!) dislike!! -- politics >:((

i am -- a christian -- infp-t -- scorpio -- monkey (chinese zodiac)

typing quirk: most punctuation will be used twice -- ex: tyy!! (also two y's on some things)

everskies -- masaki

sorry my bio changes a lot lol

**suspected** (not self dx atm) ocd/adhd (doing research rn, i may never be able to get a proper diagnosis even if i confront my parents ://)

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