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happy disability pride month!!!

Thursday Jul 21, 2022, 1:19 PM




Last online: 7-21-2022 1:11pm
  • Gender: nonbinary (they/them, il/ol if you speak french)
  • Ontario, Canada
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Hello I'm Olive! I really just made this account to access the pattern maker thingy but everyone here seems really cool so I think I'm gonna stay!

I'm a cosplayer, and I started making kandi a few months after I started because I kept seeing cosplayers wearing it and I thought it was so cool and I wanted to do it too! I'm still a beginner since that was around September 2020 and I don't create bigger things that often, but I love it so much and I wear it all the time, not just for cosplay.

On a non-kandi-related note, I'm also in a lot of fandoms, so feel free to talk to me about those as well! I'm into Vocaloid, Danganronpa, Homestuck, RWBY, My Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist, and a whole bunch of others.

(If you use a typing quirk, such as 'L!K3 TH!S' or 'like th4t' (like this or like that) etc, don't worry about translating for me because I can read it just fine! :D)

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