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nobody told me wait what i forgot what i was typing here now i cant remember what it was that nobody told me

Sunday Sep 19, 2021, 4:38 AM




Last online: 9-17-2021 3:34pm
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⦻ Benji/Arson <3

⦻ 13 | pansexual | professional dumbass | a big ball of anxiety | monster energy fiend | arsonist ahaaa | music addict | ew emos /j


⦻ i'm rly big on music, it's my world lmfao I like:

my chemical romance, get scared, pierce the veil, motionless in white, falling in reverse, mindless self indulgence, ghost town, bring me the horizon, set it off, mother mother, korn, slipknot, nirvana, green day, destructo disk, the misfits, the neighbourhood, yungblud, CORPSE, 100 gecs, h3artcrush, xo_willow, xaxanity, hoshie star, and punkinloveee


⦻ besides music some of my other interests include:

creepypasta, scott pilgrim vs the world, sally face, south park, punk/emo/scene subcultures, horror movies, gore, graffiti, ghost hunting, abandoned buildings, and frogs


⦻ DNI if ur homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc i don't want u near me ty <3

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My Entire Kandi Collection
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Ufo Cuff :]
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KANDI TIE ??????????
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Gir Cuff!!
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