Love referring to my OCs as concrete eating bastards

Tuesday Feb 8, 2022, 5:14 AM




Last online: 5-19-2022 8:21am
  • Gender: nonbinary genderfluid transmasc (bun/nya/he/mew)
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Hi!! Im just here to have fun:))

14 / nonbinary bisexual cupioromantic (feel free to DM if u wold like to know more about the label and other aspec labels) / BSD , HXH, JSHK, MP100 PKMN/ Im super interested in drawing and coding! im currently making a website. Feel free to talk to me anytime :))

I have an anxiety disorder and OCD (self-diagnosis) that im not medicated for, so please be patient with that as things can trigger me easily.

DNI: basic dni stuff (racist, homophobic,transphobic,ect.) ur name is alan/acid sorry! aro/acephobic


music?: Rex orange county, mitski, ABBA, ricky montgomery, sir chloe, bo en, ginger root, sewerslvt (i do not support sewerslvt! i listen to their music off of reposts on soundcloud)

dsmp fans are.....ok to interact.(thin ice.) Just know I do not support any of them at all, and I may(will) talk bad about them (mostly Fundy Dream and Schlatt.)

currently not really making kandi but i love to talk about it still, justve been super busy so i may be more IA.

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