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Last online: 8-22-2022 4:11pm
  • Gender: non-binary? gender fluid? idk man :/ (they/he/she/xe)
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official killer of cringe culture!!!

minor | pansexual | all pronouns | gendefluid???????? nonbinary??????????????

interests!!!: cosplaying, kandi, drawing, danganronpa, panty and stocking, dsmp, splatoon, minecraft, ena, the walten files, junji ito, other horror and arg typa stuff!!!!

music i like!!!!: wilbur soot/lovejoy, millionaires, mcr, the oozes, glass animals, lemon demon, mitski, penelope scott, mother mother, and a lotta other stufff!!!!!

i like to think that im kinda cool so feel fre to send a friend request!!!! :D

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Miku 3d Cuff !
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