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I have decided today is bumble bee day -Monoca

Friday Oct 15, 2021, 5:55 AM




Last online: 9-29-2021 12:04pm
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We are the clown system!

Monaca: Ficitve, 10, she/her, bi

Shuichi: Fictive, 17, he/they, pan

Kokichi: Fictive, 16, he/him, bi

Fuyuhiko: Fictive, 17, he/him, straight

Ibuki: Fictive, 16, she/they/he/glitch, pan

Kazuichi (You can call me Kaz): Fictive, 17, he/it, omni (prefers females)

Celestia: Fictive, 16, she/heart/spade/clover/diamond, Bi

Sonia: Fictive, 16, she/glimmer, Bi

Angie: Fictive, 17, she/they/sun/star/moon, bi

Himiko: Fictive, 16, she/they/it/star/magic/moon, lesbian

Mikan: Fictive, 17, She/ they/ it, lesbian, stutters a lot

Genocider Syo: Fictive, 16, she/it/ghost/phantom, bi with male preference, talks in caps

Moon: Part-time little, 12, she/they/Its/bun/star/lemon/jelly/cherry/fizz/vocaloid, lesbian

Travis: 18, he/they/Its/ghost/glitch/clown/bat/poison, pan, occasional typing quirk: 1=i, Z=s, and 0=o

Jayce: 17, they/It/star/phantom, pan

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