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dont be afraid to friend req/talk to me!! I love making friends

Wednesday May 12, 2021, 5:33 AM




Last online: 11-07-2022 1:46am

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hi :D im eddie, but u can also call me beach or any of my other names if u'd like. im a 16yo trans guy [previously bonzikillbeach]

I like a lot of thiiiings... but! my main interests rn are alton towers, roller coasters, saw, cec and SHOWBIZ PIZZA i love showbiz so so so so so much talk to me about any of these things!! (if you need me, msg me on discord! rhyliesbf#9398 but say why you're there or else ill ignore u hah)

joined: may/12/21 | oct/6/21 <3 @horseofcourse

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