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dont be afraid to friend req/talk to me!! I love making friends

Wednesday May 12, 2021, 5:33 AM




Last online: 6-09-2022 10:54pm

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hi there :3 im eddie, i also go by edd/bill/julian/nepeta or any nicknames u come up 4 me (within reason) x) also yes im an irl! like.. not kinning.. heh

16 | trans guy autiboy + xenos

autistic/nd + mentally ill heh

☆ DNI ☆ if you like dsmp/country humans/morel orel/south park/the 'your boyfriend' game, support cookie run devs/anyone in the (d)smp or vivziepop, doubles of me/my bf/ticci toby, or youre aradia/tavros/rufioh [homestuck], fan [inanimate insanity] or mikan/kazuichi [dangan]

oct/6/21 <3 | joined: may/12/21


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