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what the dog doin

Friday Nov 26, 2021, 5:00 PM




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hey, i'm a loser! i don't really have a name, call me whatever you want.

i'm 14 years old. don't be weird.

i like some stuff. i like video games - my favorites are skyrim, minecraft, animal crossing, stardew valley, and tetris. as for shows/movies, i like bfb, the walten files, and invader zim. when it comes to music, i like lemon demon, will wood, mother mother, that sort of thing. also, i'm an intp 5w4.

kins: felix kranken (twf), nagito komaeda, toko fukawa, jataro kemuri (danganronpa), dib membrane (invader zim), nny (jthm), bill cipher, dipper pines (gravity falls), and four (bfb).

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