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woah!! it's a ghostie :0

Tuesday Dec 28, 2021, 2:40 PM




Last online: 1-11-2023 6:01pm
  • Gender: your local shapeshifter (they/he/it/void)
  • Michigan <:3
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hello hello !!! my name is ghostie :pp 'tis a pleasure to meet you!!!

xx i'm currently 15! so pls don't be weird!! i use they/he pronouns but neos are fine too!! highly encouraged, would,, love to use them but i rlly can't choose.. ;; i'm queer!! im vv much taken and they r so amazign just, aaa /w\

xx currently vv into the magnus archives + minecraft!!! also into bnha, warrior cats, south park, bsd, name it and ive probably been in that fandom,, i enjoy dsmp so if thats in ur dni please block me !!! ive grown apart from it but the lore is still a huge comfort jsyk

xx my fav color is red and i am a fifthly kinnie /lh, if u drop ur kin list i will give u mine but.. as a treat. my top 3 are : dave strider, naturally, ash lynx, and bakugou hehe. i love folk punk music and animals!!

i tend to overuse bro - it's always in a gender-neutral way but if it makes u uncomfortable pls lmk!!! i can be a lil overwhelming i think so if i am, just tell me to lay off and i will!! srsly u can just go hey ghostie, shsuh it and bam. i've been shushified.

feel free to message me !!! headups i have a vv bad memory!! also pls use tone tags with me because uh, social cues go brrbrbrr. typing quirks are fine btw !!! i love them, they r cool but i struggle to read them becuz my eyes dont work so please provide a key <33333 i accept all friend requests btw owo

if u ever need to contact me outside on here cuz im not too active here my discord is --- > ghostie#1919 !!!! n u can usually find any of my social media by searching divineghost lolol

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