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MY WEBSITE'S MAIN PAGE IS UP WHAT!!! || BY THE WAY.... if the site looks weird PLEASE dm me and tell me whats up to see if I can fix it because i have NO IDEA how my site looks on other screens || I need more shows to fill the supernatural shaped hole in my heart the x-files just doesnt hit the same || there should be an emoji for when i want to rip my skin off

Friday May 17, 2024, 7:40 AM




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Hii X) My name is Gabriel, I am 18 years old and Mexican, I speak both Spanish (1st language) and English.

I've been making kandi since 2021 and I've been a member of this site since around that time too, My favorite things to do are perlers, singles and multi stitch cuffs. I'm always running out of black beads

I'll listen to almost any music genre but my favorite ones are Metal, Rock and 70's> Pop. My favorite bands are Ghost, Misfits, The Cure and The Smiths. Would love to go to to EDC some day, it looks rly fun !!

Some general interests of mine are: Horror, drawing and old internet nostalgia <3

Check out my carrd if u want some non kandi related info about me + my socials

If I had to categorize my style I'd say grunge, not grunge as in what you would see on pinterest/tiktok I mean grunge as in I'm poor, and just alternative in general I guess? You could probably even squeeze metalhead in there

Might need tone indicators sometimes

I can't control who interacts with me but please don't friend me if you're Transmed, Proship, use/support generative AI (even for memes... yes, this includes AI covers), a Dream/"DTeam" stan or a Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss fan ^^

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